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DZBK Cofounder Kai Markus will run from Germany to China -The topic is the new policy „one belt one road“ and „made in China“. For this idea Kai Markus will run in complete chinese equipment. The idea is - to strengthen the chinese Brands and Reputation. China have already made a big change but in peoples mind in western - china still is the country with low quality and less regulations.


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how to make more value

Learn how to make from normal stuff more value, learn mathematics and have fun. see how you can make together with DZBK from normal money something makes you friends, parents or teacher smiling.


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DZBK take part at EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair XI

 …new Cooperations in June join DZBK Plattform

DZ-BK take part at the EU-China Business & Technology Cooperation Fair. This Fair has been held for 9 consecutive editions attracting 4,400 Chinese companies and 2,400 European companies in total. The Fair provides a dominant cooperation platform in China for investment, trade and technology between EU and China. 22,291 bilateral meetings between companies took place at the matchmaking event. Around 1/3 of the participants already informed their successful match.


怀揣革新技术与专业服务,助贵公司高速发展。享有无缝沟通与交流,收获全新契机和竞争优势。欧盟项目创新中心 EUPIC)举办此次中欧合作洽谈会,共邀中欧企业步入未来成功之路。企业配对活动和量身打造的会议绝对值得您的期待。把握住机会,展现企业风采。



Frederike B. think DZBK is a good Platform to exchange german and China Culture. Especially the way we educate children and recover from delivery is different. Frederike is professional trainer for women they just deliver baby and want keep in shape. - With fun and huge result…..

Marcus S. is Psychologist and join DZBK to support our education programs and get influence from chines education thinking. „This unique combination of two historical strong cultures and the way how DZBK do this is a great plus fror children development“ he say. Marcus is personal coach and Trainer for several big enterprises and together with CO-Founder Kai Markus also LIFO Analyst. Marcus is specialist for

several sport activity supporting

and also mental coach for

Bundesliga Teams

Tough Mudder 2016 - DZ-BK Member Kai Markus Zahn join the competition successfully